Faced with a set of calibers or specimens, obtained from a query written in the "Search" window for example, selecting only some of them may be useful if you want to display their drawings and/or images side by side to compare them, hiding those of no interest to you.

To select the interesting records, you can use the check boxes of the 1st column of the "Calibers" or "Specimens" table but the "Select" menu often allows you to do that faster.


Check boxes of the 1st column of the "Calibers" or "Specimens" table

"Select" menu

 For example, if only 5 records of 40 are of no interest to you, first click on "Select / Select all". By doing so you only have then to deselect manually the 5 unwanted rows.


"Display" menu in "Calibers" display mode

"Display" menu in "Specimens" display mode