These utility softwares are automatically installed with the main program.








The ECDV UPDATER allows you to connect to the ECRA website to download and install the latest versions of the program files and update the databases automatically.

It is advisable to run it every month and click on "Update from the website / All".

Though still possible, creating a backup copy of the databases is an obsolete function. It's now recommended to use the ECDV DATA LOADER instead to restore corrupt databases.







The ECDV DATA LOADER is very useful when you are obliged to reinstall the ECDV in case of a computer crash for example or when your databases are corrupt. It may take a long time to download all the data from the webserver, depending on your connection speed, but it's the most secure way to get the latest version of the databases.



Some antivirus programs (AVAST, AVG ...) may now block the update processes because of "false positive" detections. It is recommended that you first deactivate them temporarily during these processes.